Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of those places that I have always wanted to visit, so when the opportunity to explore some places in Europe recently came up, Santorini was definitely on the top of my list!

View of Imerovigli

We arrived in Santorini at night and the power had actually gone out on most of the island so it was certainly an interesting time to arrive! We got a taxi from the airport to our hotel however he was hesitant to take us as we got the feeling that taxi drivers only really want to take you a short distance and our hotel was about 25 minutes away from the airport, so if you can pre organise a shuttle bus with your hotel, I would recommend!

Once we had been dropped off at our hotel the manager came straight out with his torch, apologising continuously, although we really weren’t bothered that the power was out as it was about 1am at this point! When we woke up in the morning we had a good look around our room which was so cute and then proceeded to wander through the hotel and get breakfast. The view from our Hotel was amazing and we were lucky enough to enjoy a buffet breakfast every morning overlooking this beautiful view.

Pantheon Villas Hotel
Pantheon Villas Hotel

We spent most of our first day on the Island lounging around the pool and relaxing which was great for us as we were close to the end of our Europe trip at this point so we enjoyed having some time to relax!

Tip: I would definitely recommend bringing sun screen with you from home as the price of sun screen on the island was ridiculous! 

Later in the afternoon we had organised through our Hotel to hire a quad bike, which was dropped off at the Hotel for us. We decided to go into Fira that night to have a look around and get some dinner. Fira is probably the main town on the Island and was a lot more lively than Imerovigli, with loads of restaurants and bars, musicians playing, as well as having some shops to browse in too!

View of Fira at night
Fira at night

The next day, after having our buffet breakfast again (of course!), we got on the quad bike and headed to Oia to have a look around. Oia was my personal favourite place on the Island, it’s very picturesque and not as fast paced as Fira.

View from Oia
View from Oia

My least favourite place on the Island would have been Kamari. We spent our last evening in Kamari as we thought it would be best to stay closer to the airport, given our flight was at 3am! In the end we paid the same amount in a taxi to get from Kamari which was 5 minutes away as we did to get to Imerovigli which was 25 minutes away (I can see why the taxi drivers prefer the shorter distance!). Perhaps we would have enjoyed Kamari if we had been there on our first night rather than our last, however, we just found it to be a bit old and dingy!


All in all, I loved Santorini and would definitely go back and visit the other Greek Islands!

  1. Eat all of the food.

Gyros from Obelix. We had Gyros everyday while we were in Santorini and Obelix was by far the best! We were told that this is where the locals got theirs from and I can see why!

Spetzofai is a new dish that we discovered while in Santorini and if you enjoy chorizo/italian sausage dishes then you will love this! It was served with fresh Pita and it was delicious! I will definitely attempt making this myself sometime soon.


2. Hire a quad bike

As we stayed in Imerovigli, we were practically in between Fira and Oia so hiring a quad bike for us was a perfect way to get around. It’s so much fun riding it and a much better way of seeing the Island than getting taxi’s or hotel shuttle buses everywhere!

Our quad bike


3. Watch the Sunset

The sunsets in Santorini are beautiful. We were told that watching the sunset in Oia is the best however we never made it to Oia in time for a sunset. We watched the sunset most nights from our hotel and it was amazing regardless.

View of the Sunset from Pantheon Villas Hotel, Imerovigli

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