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For those of you who haven’t heard of the SocialEyes brand before, it was created by YouTube beauty guru Karissa Pukas in collaboration with her brother Hayden Pukas. The idea behind SocialEyes came “after discovering the strong need for affordable, high quality lashes in the Australian market”.

I had been subscribed to Karissa Pukas on YouTube for about 2 years when she came out with the SocialEyes brand, so of course, I was going to give them a try!

In Australia, there aren’t many false eyelash brands that you can order online without copping a hefty postage fee from the US or waiting weeks for delivery, so we are normally left with purchasing in store, with brands such as Eyelure and Glam Eyes which are normally around the $12.00 AUD price range, so with that being said, SocialEyes is definitely competitively priced with some lashes starting at only $3.95!

As far as quality goes, I think these eyelashes are great quality for the price. I have been able to re-wear mine 5 or more times before discarding and thats with applying mascara to them as well.


This style is one of my favourites from the Social Eyes range and I always seem to get asked about my lashes when I wear them. The style is quite similar to Red Cherry “WSP”, however, I personally prefer the Social Eyes Glamorous as they just seem to look more natural on me. The only reason I can think of is that the Social Eyes Glamorous lashes seem to start a bit shorter on the inner corner and gradually get longer which is the type of lash I always prefer.

SocialEyes Description “An attractive wispy lash that is sure to turn heads- Glamorous has the perfect length and volume for ‘naturally’ enhancing your look!”

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The Vamp lash is very unique and unlike any false lash style I have seen and/or owned before. At first application, I was a bit unsure but I have grown to really like this style! They are great if you are looking for a “Cat Eye” style makeup look as they really elongate the eyes!

SocialEyes Description “Seductive, medium length lashes that gradually get thicker at the outer corner of the eyelash- Vamp is the perfect ‘sexy’ lash!”

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This style is probably my go-to style of lash. The style is quite simple yet effective! I love lashes that start shorter in the inner corner and gradually get longer and this lash is not too thick however still adds the length. The most comparable lash to this would probably be the Red Cherry “217” lashes.

SocialEyes Description “A cheeky strip lash that is our most natural ‘elongated’ look- Flirt adds a little length and volume, perfectly contributing to your own natural lashes!”

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This style lash would be great if you’re looking to elongate your eyes or looking to create a “cat eye” makeup look. This style is quite natural on the inner half and then adds volume with extra thickness on the outer corners.

SocialEyes Description “A medium length lash that is a joy to wear! Delight is gradually thicker and darker at the outer corners, adding drama to your look without overwhelming it.”

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Minx 2.0:

This style of lash is not something I would usually go for however I thought this style was a great dupe for the House of Lashes “Iconic” which usually retails at around $18.00 AUD plus postage from the US which can be quite costly, so with these being $7.95 AUD I thought they would be a great alternative for me!

Tip for application: Most lashes with a thick lash band can be quite firm and difficult to apply, so my number 1 tip would be to wrap the band around one of your makeup brushes or a pencil to bend them and make them slightly more flexible prior to application.

SocialEyes Description “Minx 2.0 is the long awaited sequel to our popular Minx Lash! Daring voluminous lashes that have a criss crossed pattern, these stunners will guarantee seriously sexy eyes.”

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    • April 14, 2016 / 8:15 am

      They are so nice, I had been thinking about buying the house of lashes “iconic” for quite a while so when I saw these I was so excited! Really good dupe x

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