Repetto Eau de Parfum

I have always been someone who owns multiple fragrances, until now. I will be the first to admit that I am a very easy target for marketing as I always gravitate towards fragrances that have attractive packaging which I guess is why I have always owned so many fragrances at one time, however, I began the hunt last year for a perfume which I had hoped would become my “signature scent”.

I had been pretty set on purchasing the Chanel Mademoiselle perfume when I stumbled across the new fragrance by Repetto. I knew of the Repetto brand so I was quite excited to see that they had come out with a fragrance range! If you haven’t heard of the Repetto brand before it is a beautiful Parisian label and it is most famous for it’s ballet shoes and garments.

The packaging for the Repetto fragrances are simple, classy and girly which I love and the website’s description of the bottle is “It is a timeless bottle in movement, as an arabesque a night of ballet. The subtly tinted glass bottle bears an identical ribbon which is used on the famous Carlotta ballerina. The satin ribbon branded with the little charm wraps delicately like a ballet shoe around the ankle. A play of curves, volumes and unbridled forms gives the glass a unique suppleness.”

If you were to ask me what kind of notes I like in a perfume I would have absolutely no idea but the Repetto Eau de Parfum is described on the website as “In the Eau de Parfum the top note evokes a juicy plum, while the powdery cherry blossom gives a velvety, almond-like scent to the middle note. The rose mixes with the scent of orange blossom. But the base notes truly places this perfume as a member of the oriental family of scents, also known as the ambers. Along with the refined patchouli which permeates the fragrance, Olivier Polge has elaborated an amber elixir, for a blend of addictive, luscious notes. In the center of this elixir, vanilla pulses with unexpected intensity.”

All in all, this perfume is definitely my new favourite and I am already on to my second bottle! I think it is a perfect scent as it’s so girly and classic and I just love the Repetto brand as it has such a strong ballet background it just represents such grace and femininity.

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