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You may have seen one of my previous posts Adopt don’t Shop where I talk about the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA and my experience up to that date of being a volunteer and a foster carer for the refuge but given that was a while ago now, I thought it would be nice to do an up to date post and a bit of a progress update on our current foster dogs Duke and Holly (aka Kiza and Terror).

After Petal and Pluto (our previous foster dogs) had both found their forever homes, we made the decision to take a bit of a break before fostering another dog because of how emotional it had been to say goodbye after having fostered Pluto for almost 2 months and Petal for 4 months, so it wasn’t until the week of Christmas last year when we decided we were ready to foster again after seeing a post of 2 older dogs named Terror & Kiza on the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA’s Facebook page. The post contained a picture of them both in which Terror was extremely malnourished and Kiza had had surgery on his back leg to remove a large growth/tumour. We contacted the refuge straight away to see if they would like us to foster them over the Christmas period. The refuge was pleased with the arrangement because given the condition that the dogs were in, they definitely had a preference for them to be in foster so that Kiza could recover from his surgery and Terror could put weight on urgently.

So on Christmas eve, my boyfriend left work early to pick them up from the refuge and took them back to our house to get them settled into their new surroundings. When I walked in the door after work, I went out into the back garden to meet both Terror and Kiza and I instantly burst into tears when I saw how malnourished Terror was in person. I knew from the picture that she was underweight but I definitely wasn’t prepared for the terrible condition she was in! One thing which just astounded me was although she had been clearly mistreated she was still some what trusting and very affectionate.

Kiza was a lot more cautious than Terror and although he still wanted some pats and attention, he was quite protective of both himself and Terror. We’re not 100% sure whether they have always been together but they are definitely the best of friends!

Other than being a little cautious they were both very well behaved and quite well trained. When it came to our first time feeding them, we wondered how it would go and whether they would be protective over their food given the condition they were in but they both sat and patiently waited, in fact Kiza actually took a step back and allowed Terror to eat first which is something that I thought was really sweet. They both of course scoffed their dinner down!

It didn’t take long at all for them both to warm up to us and become more comfortable with their new foster home. You would never know they were older dogs as they are constantly play fighting with each other and running around! Within the first few days their personalities began to show and we decided that we had to rename them because we just couldn’t comprehend calling her Terror seeing as she was anything but! We decided on the names Duke and Holly which is what they have been known as ever since.

The difference we’ve seen in their personalities, physical appearance and just general demeanour in the 8 months that we’ve had them is just amazing. Holly is a little angel and is happy to lounge around most of the time, she loves cuddles and going for walks but not too far because she is around 11 years old and gets puffed out! She is very good with other dogs and loves to make friends and play at the park. Holly has put on over 12kg’s since she first came to us and her energy has increased dramatically.

Duke is a bit of a cheeky boy, very playful and loves to go for long walks and/or runs. He is a bit wary of other dogs but is slowly trying to learn how to make friends! He is very much a people person and if we think he might have separation anxiety so you’re home he wants to be in the same room as you. He loves his cuddles and playing tug of war!

They are a great pair and when the day comes that they find their forever home, I know they will make their new owners even happier than they have made us! They are both now up for adoption as a bonded pair on the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA website and I am both dreading seeing them go but also looking forward to the day when they are finally adopted and find their forever home.

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